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Quickstart for Reports and Test Suites

Quickstart for ML Monitoring

Sample notebooks

Simple examples show different Metrics, Tests and Presets. Head to Colab examples to see the pre-rendered visuals.

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Evidently Test Presets

Pre-built Test Suites on tabular data:

  • Data Drift

  • Data Stability

  • Data Quality

  • NoTargetPerformance

  • Regression

  • Classification (Multi-class, binary, binary top-K)

Evidently Tests

  • All individual Tests (50+) that one can use to create a custom Test Suite. Tabular data examples.

  • How to set test conditions and parameters.

Evidently Metric Presets

All pre-built Reports:

  • Data Drift

  • Target Drift

  • Data Quality

  • Regression

  • Classification

Evidently Metrics

  • All individual metrics (30+) that one can use to create a custom Report.

  • How to set simple metric parameters.

For more examples showing specific features, including text data support, head to the "How to" examples.

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To better understand the Evidently use cases, refer to the detailed tutorials accompanied by the blog posts.

You can find more examples in the Community Examples repository.


To see how to integrate Evidently in your prediction pipelines and use it with other tools, refer to the integrations.

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