Run Evidently on Spark

How to run calculations on Spark.

You can run distributed computation using Spark if you work with large datasets.

Supported metrics

Currently, the following Tests, Metrics and Presets are supported:

  • ColumnDriftMetric()

  • DataDriftTable()

  • DatasetDriftMetric()

  • DataDriftPreset()

  • TestColumnDrift()

  • TestShareOfDriftedColumns()

  • TestNumberOfDriftedColumns()

  • DataDriftTestPreset()

For drift calculation, the following methods are supported:

  • chisquare

  • jensen shannon

  • psi

  • wasserstein

The following data types are supported:

  • numerical_features

  • categorical_features

Code example

You can refer to an example How-to-notebook showing how to use Evidently on Spark:

Run Evidently with Spark

To run Evidently on a Spark DataFrame, you need to specify the corresponding engine in the run() method for the Report calculation:

To import SparkEngine from Evidently, use the following command:

from evidently.spark.engine import SparkEngine

Pass the SparkEngine to the run method when you create the Report:

spark_report_table = Report(metrics=[
]), current_data=current, engine=SparkEngine)  # OR

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