What is Telemetry?

Telemetry refers to the collection of usage data. We do it to understand how many users we have, how they interact with our tool and help us improve it.
Below we describe what is collected and how to opt-out.

What data is collected?

Telemetry is collected in Evidently starting from version 0.1.21.dev0
Our telemetry is intentionally limited in scope. We DO NOT collect any sensitive information and never see the data, its structure, or column names.
We only collect telemetry when you use the tool using the command-line interface. We DO NOT collect any telemetry when you use the tool as a library, for instance, run in a Jupyter notebook or in a Python script.
Telemetry data is sent to us when you run Evidently to generate HTML reports or JSON profiles.
Here is an example of the data that is shared. It includes:
  • basic information about the environment (Python version, operating system, etc.)
  • usage data that shows what report or profile was generated
"environment": {
"os": "macOS-11.4-x86_64-i386-64bit",
"python": {
"version": "3.8.2",
"interpreter": "CPython",
"conda": false,
"venv": true
"evidently": {
"version": "0.1.19.dev0"
"usage": {
"type": "profile",
"parts": [
"tabs": [],
"sampling": {
"reference": {
"type": "none",
"ratio": "0.1",
"n": "1",
"random_seed": null
"current": {
"type": "nth",
"ratio": "0.1",
"n": "2",
"random_seed": null

Can I opt-out?

You can opt-out from telemetry collection by setting the environment variable EVIDENTLY_DISABLE_TELEMETRY to 1, e.g.:
Here is an example of how to use Evidently from CLI without telemetry:
EVIDENTLY_DISABLE_TELEMETRY=1 python evidently calculate profile
--reference ~/Downloads/Bike-Sharing-Dataset/day.csv
--current ~/Downloads/Bike-Sharing-Dataset/day.csv
--output_path . --config config.json
You can also set the EVIDENTLY_DISABLE_TELEMETRY environment variable globally. This way, you won’t need to set it up for every run:
`echo "export EVIDENTLY_DISABLE_TELEMETRY=1" >> ~/.profile`

Should I opt out?

Being open-source, we have no visibility into the tool usage unless someone actively reaches out to us or opens a GitHub issue.
We’d be grateful if you keep the telemetry on since it helps us answer questions like:
  • How many people are actively using the tool?
  • Do you use it to generate JSON profiles, reports, or both?
  • What are the more popular types of reports?
  • What is the environment you run Evidently in?
It helps us prioritize the development of new features and make sure we test the performance in the most popular environments.
We understand that you might still prefer not to share any telemetry data, and we respect this wish. Follow the steps above to disable the data collection.