Evidently LLM Quickstart

LLM evaluation "Hello world."

You can run this example in Colab or any Python environment.

1. Installation

Install the Evidently Python library.

!pip install evidently[llm]

Import the necessary components:

import pandas as pd
from sklearn import datasets
from evidently.report import Report
from evidently.metric_preset import TextEvals

import nltk

Optional. Import components to send evaluation results to Evidently Cloud:

from evidently.ui.workspace.cloud import CloudWorkspace

2. Import the toy dataset

Import a toy dataset with e-commerce reviews. It contains a column with "Review_Text" that you'll analyze.

reviews_data = datasets.fetch_openml(name='Womens-E-Commerce-Clothing-Reviews', version=2, as_frame='auto')
reviews = reviews_data.frame[:100]

3. Run the evals

Run an evaluation Preset to check basic text descriptive text properties:

  • text sentiment (scale -1 to 1)

  • text length (number of symbols)

  • number of sentences in a text

  • percentage of out-of-vocabulary words (scale 0 to 100)

  • percentage of non-letter characters (scale 0 to 100)

text_evals_report = Report(metrics=[

text_evals_report.run(reference_data=None, current_data=reviews)

There are more evals to choose from. You can also create custom ones, including LLM-as-a-judge.

View a Report in Python:


You will see a summary distribution of results for each evaluation.

4. Send results to Evidently Cloud

To record and monitor evaluations over time, send them to Evidently Cloud. You'll need an API key.

  • Sign up for an Evidently Cloud account, and create your Organization.

  • Click on the Teams icon on the left menu. Create a Team - for example, "Personal". Copy and save the team ID. (Team page).

  • Click the Key icon in the left menu to go. Generate and save the token. (Token page).

Connect to Evidently Cloud using your token.

ws = CloudWorkspace(token="YOUR_TOKEN_HERE", url="https://app.evidently.cloud")

Create a Project inside your Team. Pass the team_id:

project = ws.create_project("My test project", team_id="YOUR_TEAM_ID")
project.description = "My project description"

Send the Report to the Cloud:

ws.add_report(project.id, text_evals_report)

Go to the Evidently Cloud. Open your Project and head to the "Reports" in the left menu. (Cloud home).

In the future, you can log ongoing evaluation results to build monitoring panels and send alerts.

Want to see more?

Check out a more in-depth tutorial to learn key workflows. It covers using LLM-as-a-judge, running conditional test suites, monitoring results over time and more.

pageTutorial - LLM Evaluation

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