Get a Dashboard

How to get a pre-built monitoring dashboard using templates.

What is a Dashboard?

Each Project has a monitoring Dashboard to visualize metrics and test results over time. A Dashboard can have multiple monitoring Panels, such as counters, line or bar plots, etc.

Data source. To populate the Dashboard, you must send the relevant data inside the snapshots. The Panels will be empty otherwise. Read more about sending snapshots.

You choose how exactly to organize your Dashboard and which values to plot. By default, the Dashboard for a new Project is empty.

For both Evidently Cloud and open-source, you can define the composition of monitoring Panels via API. This is great for version control.

In Evidently Cloud, you can also:

  • Get pre-built Dashboards for Data Quality, Data Drift, etc.

  • Add and modify Panels directly in the user interface.

  • Add multiple Tabs on the Dashboard to logically group the Panels.

Pre-built dashboards

Dashboard templates is a Pro feature available in the Evidently Cloud.

Starting with template Dashboard Tabs is convenient: you get a set of monitoring Panels out of the box without adding them individually.

To use a template:

  • Enter the “Edit” mode clicking on the top right corner of the Dashboard.

  • Click on the “Add tab” button.

  • Choose a template Tab in the dropdown.

Optionally, give a custom name to the Tab.

You can choose between the following options:

What’s next?

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