Add text comments to Reports

How to add a widget with custom text.


  • You know how to generate custom Reports using individual Metrics.

Code example

How-to notebook:

What you can do

You can add a widget that contains any custom text to the Evidently Report. Here is how this can look:

You can include multiple text widgets in a single Report.

Using “Comment” Metric

To add a text widget, you must first define the contents of the comment. You can use markdown to format the text.

An example of adding "model_description" comment:

model_description = """
 # Model Description
 This is a demand forecasting model.

 ## Intended use
 * Weekly sales planning
 * Weekly capacity planning

When creating the Report, include the Comment Metric and reference the earlier defined text.


report = Report(metrics=[
]), reference_data=None)

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